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YNK is the popular main character of the Show 'The Adventures of YNK'

but one day the villagers are noticing that the world is slowly falling apart, even some villagers were wiped out and replaced by strange colorful creatures.

One day, YNKs girlfriend also vanishes from their world, as well as their home. Is color taking over the world? Slowly erasing YNKs world, his home?

Step in the shoes of our favorite TV Hero 'YNK', fight against the monsters, face endbosses and find out what is happening to your world.

Key features:

  • A fun, oldschool Rogue-Like thats easy to play
  • Find Items that influence the ink of your magic inkbrush
  • engaging bossfights
  • a charming main character
  • and a beautiful love story!


Use W,A,S,D to move around, K to splash your enemys with ink!

A Prototype by Jana Stoerbrauck

contact: jana.stoerbrauck@gmail.com

(! Not available for download yet !)

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Published59 days ago
Tagscartoon, plattformer, Roguelike