A downloadable game for Windows

Mira and the Curse of the Witching Hour is a short RPG
that was created during the Make your own RPG course at

Your name is Mira, a 14 year old girl thats training to be a
powerful witch someday! The last person thats studying the
Art of witchcraft, to be exact. Although you're very clumsy and rarely
ever on time, you have a great teacher.

But one day, everything changes as your clumsiness opens up
a portal that brings doom upon the town and their villagers.

Here, your quest to find the magical Hourglass begins, that will turn
back time right before you made your mistake.

You're not ready to venture into the woods to fight the evil boss and
retrieve the Hourglass just yet, but can you somehow make it as a
scholar and save the people?


Mira.rar 386 MB

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